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Draw back the curtains & come backstage with me.

It’s there that I started sharing healing modalities with fellow dancers backstage when I was 15 years old. I witnessed the instant relief it brought to them just like therapists had brought to me. Over the next 10 years, I overcame multiple debilitating injuries and now, I currently feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life.

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Not only did I find myself massaging everyone, but I was also assisting them with their hair and makeup. My two passions organically unfolded in a beautiful harmony.

My philosophy:

Dance led me to have an incredibly intimate relationship with myself, and I’m able to tap into my body at every moment. I live my best life when I take a second to “listen” to what my body craves and desires and respond with a positive action to support my vessel.

My path:

I choose a path that pushes me beyond limits, beyond fear and beyond the familiar. I choose a path that leads me to follow my heart. To inspire the changes inside and outside of my body and encourage others to do the same.


My timeline:

2001 First job in a Salon

2003 Cosmetology License

2006 Introduced to Yoga

2008 B.F.A. Modern Dance + Sports Medicine

Traveled Europe

Moved to Philadelphia

2010 Vlogged across the US + Canada

2012 Met my fiance

2013 300 HR Yoga Certification

2015 Traveled Southeast Asia

Thai Massage Certification

Reiki Certification

Studied Yoga in Mysore, India

2017 1000HR Massage Therapist License

2017 Started Just Lago

2018 Co-founded Circadian Gatherings


My love:

That's us in Yosemite taking the time to breathe in the mountain air and play every day. Ask me about our epic story on how we met, reunited, and are now engaged!


Positive vibes,

Dana Lagomarsino


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