Beauty + Wellness

We provide five-star hair and makeup services along with incredible massages, yoga classes, and aromatherapy to support your intentions and help relieve the anxiety surrounding a Wedding. Allow yourself space and permission to relax and let your stresses fade away... "just let go, and Just Lago."

About Just Lago

We strive for the "chillzillas" and can't wait to bring the "chill" to your special day! Our team of experts create a symbiotic relationship between inner and outer beauty as we celebrate and empower women.

Meet Dana Lagomarsino

Dana has been cultivating her knowledge and experience in the beauty and wellness industry for over 10 years. With intentions to bring tranquility to every Wedding and event, she has learned that it's so much more than relaxation, it is also about transformation...

Just Lago Collective

We are a collective of licensed professionals: Cosmetologists, Makeup Artists, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Coaches & Teachers based in the San Diego area available to travel and bring beauty and wellness services to you for any event!


"Just let go...& Just Lago"